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Comprehensive journal manuscript editing 
for International Scholars

Step 1: Academic Editor corrects grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

Step 2: Expert Editor provides comments and suggestions for improvement.

Step 3: Revise your manuscript, and we will do a follow-up review for free!

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Are you preparing to submit your paper for publication in an English-language journal? Our experienced editors will help you make a great first impression on the reviewers.

Your manuscript will be first matched with an Academic Editor who has experience in a particular research area of your work. This editor will carefully review the grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure of your manuscript to ensure that your work reads well. Depending on where you plan to publish, your manuscript will be edited according to either American English or British English grammar.

Next, we will match your manuscript with an Expert Editor, who has a high level of expertise in your area of research as well as experience reviewing journal submissions. This editor will read your work as if reviewing it for a peer-review journal. He or she will prepare and send you a written commentary, which will outline the aspects of your writing and content presentation that could be adjusted to increase the likelihood that your paper is accepted for publication.

After you receive your edited manuscript and the editor's comments, you may choose to make modifications to your draft. After revisions, you may send us the updated version for another Academic Editor review free of charge.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly do I get for the money?

First , one of our highly skilled Academic Editors will edit your manuscript for grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

In a second review, an editor with either a PhD or a Master's degree in a field closely related to the subject of your manuscript will double-check the corrections made by Academic Editor. Then, he or she will provide additional comments on how your paper may be improved. These comments will include suggestions on writing style, manuscript structure, and data presentation.

After you receive and review your edited manuscript and commentary, you may wish to make some changes to the manuscript. If you do so, we will provide a final Academic Editor review of your revised manuscript free of charge.

Why does Durham Editors charge less than other online editing firms?

Large academic manuscript editing companies charge much more for premium editing services because of the corporate overhead. In our company, there is no "upper management." Rather, every one is an editor, so 100% of the money you pay goes to people that work for you. This is how we are able to charge less.

Who are the editors?

Because we give 100% or what you pay to people who edit your manuscript, our editors are paid better than those who work for larger editing companies. Because we pay more, we are able to employ the best academic professionals. All of our Academic Editors have at least a Master's degree, while our Expert Editors have a PhD or eqivalent (depending on the field.)

What about figures, tables, and formatting?

This International Scholar Package is designed specifically to provide excellent English language editing services at a low price. This is why the package includes everything related to improving all aspects of your written English material.

We will be happy to work on your figures, tables, and journal-specific formatting of your manuscript for an additional fee.

Can you ensure that my manuscript will be accepted for publication?

It is our responsibility to correct and improve the use of English in your scholarly, technical, scientific, or medical writing project. Yet we would not be able to guarantee success in the publication of your manuscript even after our edits.

The acceptance decision by a journal editor is based on the outcome of the peer review, which evaluates the academic merit of the research presented. While good use of language, proper academic writing style, and effective material presentation are necessary for acceptance and will be ensured by our efforts, we are unable to warrant the quality of your manuscript's content and the likelihood of its acceptance for publication.